Gallery Of Sea World Photos

Sea World Photos

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On my visits I have taken many Sea World photos - some good, some not so good!  

I am an amateur after all!

Some of the photos of Sea World are out of date now.  

For example the Sea World Eye was only a temporary ride and was installed late 2006 and removed in early 2008.

The view from the top was awesome!

Personally I felt the Eye was a great addition to Sea World, but I understand it was not liked by some of the locals.

Here are some of the pictures of Sea World that I have taken over the last few years.

I have tried to keep them at a reasonable size so you can see the detail, but that may mean the page will be slow to load.  

Be patient, I think it is worth it.

Cartoon Beach & Kids Fun Photos

Over the years the characters have changed, and no doubt they will change again. The rides and fun the kids have seems to stay the same. These photos give you a taste of the area for kids at Sea World.

Cartoon Beach at Sea World
Welcome to Cartoon Beach! Fun for the little ones
with lots of rides with their favourite cartoon characters.

Toon Light House at Sea WorldOn Toon Lighthouse
Toon Lighthouse is a favourite stop.
Two in a chair, you need muscles to pull yourself up to the top and guts to stand the height!
Cartoon Beach Water Play At Sea WorldKids fun at Sea World
As well as the rides there is the water play area - be prepared to get a bit wet. Bring a towel! Beach Eats is great for some quick food on the run.

Flying high at Cartoon Beach Sea World
Dad's more interested in getting his photo taken.
Flying high is important stuff.  
You need to keep your eye on the job!
Kids at Sea World
Ah, it's a hard life being a kid having fun at Sea World. Time to chill out and sit down!
Enjoying the Sesame Street Show at Sea World
Concentrating on watching the
Sesame Street Show!

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Sea World Ride Photos

Bermuda Triangle Ride at Sea World
What a Champ! Bermuda Triangle Ride
Survived! (This ride has been retired)
Vikings Revenge Ride at Sea WorldSplashdown at Vikings Revenge Ride Sea World
Vikings Revenge Ride.  
And Splashdown! Be prepared to get wet!

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Sea World Dolphin Photos

Dolphin Show at Gold Coast Sea World
Dolphin Show at Sea World
4 dolphins airborne at once - spectacular!
Make sure your camera is ready at all times!
Cool off at Sea World with the dolphins
One lucky audience member gets to get in with
Dolphins at Imagine Dolphin Show at Sea World
Sea World dolphinsImagine Dolphin Show at Sea World
Dolphin Rides! All part of the Dolphin Show at Sea World.
Beware, if you sit in the front row you could get wet.  
Those pesky dolphins have a sense of humour!

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Dugong Photos

Dugongs are no longer at Sea World. Where this exhibit was, is now the fabulous new Penguin Encounter.

Dugongs Discovery Exhibit at Sea World
Discovering Dugongs at Sea World.
Dugongs in the wild look like logs in water.
This exhibit is a great way to see them.
Meet the Dugongs at Sea World

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Photos of Sea World Shows

Seal Show at Sea World
Not giving away any secrets!
Fish Detectives Seal Show at Sea World
Hunt for The Golden Seal Show in 2007, now replaced.
Scene from the old Hunt For the
Golden Seal Show at Sea World
Waterski Wipeout at Sea World
Waterski Wipeout Show
Show retired in August 2009

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Polar Bear Photos

Polar Bear at Sea WorldPolar Bear looking at me!
Polar Bear at Polar Bear Shores Sea World
I'm watching you watching me!
Polar Bear clawsPolar bear paw
Polar Bear Paws and Polar Bear Claws
They are huge - glad that glass is between us.
Polar bear playing with ball at Sea World's Polar Bear Shores
Aren't I clever I can do backstroke!
Polar bear playing with ball at Polar Bear Shores

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Shark Bay Photos

Touch pool at Sea WorldSea Star at Sea World Touch Pools
Shark Bay Touch Pools are great for kids and adults to experience these amazing creatures.
There is often a marine biologist on hand to answer your questions.
Sea World Touch Pool
Touching a Sea Star at Sea World
Shark Bay From Sea World Eye
Aerial View of Shark Bay taken from Sea World Eye in  2007
Shark Bay at Sea World
Underwater in Shark Bay.
These animals are enormous!

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General Sea World Photos

SeaWorld EyeSea World Eye 2007
Sea World Eye was a great temporary addition to
Sea World from late 2006 to early 2008.
SeaWorld Eye 2007
Sea World Eye during 2007
Sea World Aerial Photo taken from Sea World Eye
Aerial view of Sea World looking towards
Main Beach and Surfers Paradise, taken in 2007
Sea World from Monorail
Looking back towards the Main Entrance
past the dolphin pools and barque
Original Penguin enclosure at Sea WorldOriginal Penguins at Sea World
Sadly, original Sea World Penguins & their enclosure have gone. This was taken during 2006.
There's a fantastic new Antarctic Penguin enclosure.
Shady area in Sea World
Sea World has a few shady grassy areas
to sit and enjoy a your lunch or have a break.
Note: you are not allowed to bring in your own lunch anymore as of 1 July 2009.

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