When Is Gold Coast Cooler Than Malaysia?

by Nique

I come from a hot hot country (Malaysia) and I want to go to Australia when its slightly cooler, but not too cold :) I was thinking of Feburary, but maybe there is a better time?

Hi Nique,
Your question is very common question about the weather at a certain time of the year. It is hard for me to compare to your country, as I don't know exactly what it will be like where you are at that time.

I can point you to my descriptions of the weather for each month and more offical weather information and statistics.

The Monthly Guide section of this website has a webpage for each month of the year from January through to December. Each page has lots of information about the month and what you can expect including some basic weather information.

You can click on the links below to find the months you are interested in.
In addition there are two weather pages, the first one gives you the overall weather data and patterns for the Gold Coast. The second one gives you a snapshot of the current weather right now and links so that you can have a look at more indepth weather information.

I am not sure how hot Malaysia is in February (I assume it will be cooler as it is winter in Malaysia), but February on the Gold Coast can be quite a hot and steamy month with very high humidity and some later summer storms.

March generally has less humidity but is still very warm and from there the months slowly cool to the Gold Coast winter. At the other end of winter, September and October warm up towards Summer with humidity starting to build in October and through November.

So, to meet your criteria of visiting when Gold Coast is cooler than Malaysia, you will probably want to pick one of the Winter months such as June, July or August and maybe May or September could work.

I hope you are able to make your holidays around these times.

I hope that information helps you.


PS: This answer is true for anyone visiting from other countries in the northern hemisphere, especially those close to the equator such as India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philipines etc. I hope that helps anyone with a similar question.

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