Beach in September in Gold Coast

by Raquel

Is it possible to go to beach in September in Gold Coast?

I will visit Gold Coast next September. I love the beach and sun. As I read a lot about Gold Coast beautiful beaches I would love to have some beach days.

I will be there in the middle of September. How is the weather at that time of the year?

What the weather will be like in September and whether you can go to the beach in September on the Gold Coast are quite common questions.

I go into more depth about the weather in the Gold Coast in September and Australia in the following pages:

To quickly answer your question, the weather in September is Gold Coast spring weather and it is warming up after the winter. The average day time temperatures are around 23C, but it can get warmer and up to high 20s on a day. It's not a particularly rainy month, but it can rain.

We go to the beach year round in the Gold Coast and I would have to say you would be pretty unlucky to come to the Gold Coast during this time and it be too cold to go to the beach.

Please follow the links above for much more detailed information about the weather and being able to go to the beach in September in Gold Coast.

I hope that helped. If you have any more questions leave a comment below.

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